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The popular eBook by Dan Blacharski and Cary Landis for the cloud-impaired.Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask: What is cloud computing… really? What’s the least I need to know? How will it affect me?

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The authors explain “the cloud” in a way that anyone can understand it better. It covers important topics, such as “What is cloud computing all about?”, “Why should I care?”, and most importantly, “How does it affect me?”. You will learn about the three NIST cloud service models: Software, Platform and Infrastructure as a Service (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS). You will learn who’s doing what… in Government and within companies like NJVC, Amazon, Google, Redhat, SaaS Maker and The authors touch on hot topic such as cloud brokers, Healthcare IT, impact on jobs, security, misconceptions and future trends.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, software developer, IT professional, business owner or just a Facebook user; this book will improve your computing experience. The cloud affects everyone these days, and this book is a must have for anyone who touches the cloud in any way.