Announcing TeamHost™ PaaS on Apps.Gov

Virtual Global is very excited to announce the immediate availability of the TeamHost™ platform-as-a-service and related cloud computing products on Apps.Gov, GSA’s iTunes-like store for cloud computing products and services.

As the federal government turns toward a new computing model to do more with less, Virtual Global has continued to develop new ways to make the process easier. Using the TeamHost™ tools, federal customers can painlessly try cloud in a matter of days, while evaluating long-term strategies. Software developers can use TeamHost™ to launch software in as little as 20% of the typical time and cost associated with stovepipe development. The tools can also be used for rapid prototyping; and/or for consolidating legacy systems.

In addition to the TeamHost™ platform-as-a-service, Apps.Gov also includes the TeamHost™ Private Cloud Server for organizations needing the highest levels of security. The platform is optionally available with Role-based Workflow, a patented NIST invention that dramatically improves record privacy.