Are CIOs stuck between a cloud and a hard place?

As the world adopts cloud technologies to deliver faster, many organizations are stuck in the old way of doing things.

The recent Federal CIO IT Reformation Plan notes that many federal organizations are trapped in multi-year under-performing IT contracts using old technologies… in some cases, scheduled to produce meaningful deliverables years after work begins.

The Federal Plan calls for organizations to turnaround or terminate under-performing projects in their IT portfolios, and also calls for a “cloud first policy”.

This is nothing new in concept. I worked in HHS when we were stuck on Wangs, and we migrated to more open technologies.

We are now embarking on another computing evolution. It is becoming more difficult for those organizations to justify proprietary ground-up development efforts, many of which will need rewritten before they are completed.

It’s not too early to look toward cloud.

(Just a few thoughts, contributed by Cary Landis at Virtual Global)