Virtual Global’s “Idea to Revenue” Program Takes Software-as-a-Service Development to the Next Level

Virtual Global’s “Idea to Revenue” Program Takes Software-as-a-Service Development to the Next Level

New system gives SaaS developers the tools to create, publish and make money from their creations.

(PRWEB) December 7, 2010

Virtual Global, provider of full-featured cloud platform development tools, today announced a new feature for its TeamHost™ toolkit that allows cloud developers to easily publish and market their own software-as-service (SaaS) solutions for subscription-based revenues.

With over 95 percent of organizations moving toward the SaaS model, many software developers are interested in launching their own companies but they lack the resources. Until recently, the cost of bringing a new software product to market has been prohibitively high, with some organizations investing millions of dollars to bring a software product to market. New platform-as-a-service tools like TeamHost™ are leveling the playing field, because they allow software developers to create and deploy robust, standards-based software on the cloud in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost.

The new “Idea to Revenue” feature now gives software developers a new reason to create and deliver apps on the platform: making money. With TeamHost™, developers can publish their apps for monthly subscriptions and start generating revenue immediately. TeamHost™ also supports a free advertising-based subscription model. Virtual Global hopes that the new feature will inspire a new wave of SaaS development.

“Software developers need ways to take their creations to the masses, or it’s not true cloud,” said Cary Landis, CEO of Virtual Global. “Our Idea to Revenue offering takes SaaS development to the masses, for the first time allowing entrepreneurs and startups to develop web programs, take them to the marketplace, and generate revenue, all within the same platform.”

TeamHost™ Idea to Revenue is ideal for any developer, entrepreneur or startup that wants to take advantage of this growing market, but may lack the resources to take the project all the way to the revenue-generation stage. Landis noted, “Idea to Revenue, in addition to serving as a perfect barrier-busting platform for smaller companies, is well suited for larger companies that want to enter a new market quickly, or just build out a proof-of-concept project.”

Development of web businesses has gotten simpler with development platforms like TeamHost™, and as a result, thousands of new entrepreneurial ventures are now able to get a realistic start without having huge amounts of money. “The first Facebook took millions of dollars to create,” said Landis. “But the next Facebook may be created out of somebody’s back pocket someday soon. Idea to Revenue takes the concept of a development platform a step further. Our goal is to inspire web developers by giving them new ways to participate in revenue generation with the bigger companies.”

Randy Jones, an entrepreneur at West Virginia University, already used TeamHost™ to create a new grant management SaaS solution that he hopes to launch as a dotcom. “It was a lot like developing a website, except that I can do a lot more,” said Randy. “I created the look-and-feel and a few forms for managing grants, and it managed the rest. Then, I just set a price and pressed a publish button to go live. A couple years ago, I would have needed to raise venture capital money to do what I did in a few days.”

The TeamHost™ Idea to Revenue program builds on the existing TeamHost™ platform as a service offering. After the initial development phase, developers traditionally are left to their own devices to find a host, and then upload, troubleshoot, and maintain the web app, and then find a way to generate revenue from it. Idea to Revenue puts together SaaS development and SaaS publishing in the same environment—bringing the entrepreneurial opportunities afforded by software-as-a-service to a much broader audience than was ever before possible.

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