Virtual Global’s will announce an “idea to revenue” Program for cloud developers

New system gives SaaS developers the tools to create, publish and make money from their creations

MORGANTOWN, WV, NOVEMBER 23, 2010: Virtual Global, a DC-area provider of federal cloud platform development tools, will be unveiling a new feature for its TeamHost™ toolkit on December 6th, which allows cloud developers to easily publish and market their own software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

With over 95 percent of organizations moving toward the SaaS model, many software developers are interested in launching their own companies but they lack the resources. Until recently, the cost of bringing a new software product to market has been prohibitively high, with some organizations investing millions of dollars to bring a software product to market. New platform-as-a-service tools like TeamHost™ are leveling the playing field, because they allow software developers to create and deploy robust, standards-based software on the cloud in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost.

The new “Idea to Revenue” feature will give software developers a new reason to create and deliver apps on the platform: making money. With TeamHost™, developers can publish their apps for monthly subscriptions and start generating revenue in the future. TeamHost™ also supports a free advertising-based subscription model. Virtual Global hopes that the new feature will inspire a new wave of SaaS development. For more information on the TeamHost™ platform, please visit .

About Virtual Global:

Virtual Global is a provider of cloud-enabled enterprise IT solutions, including the TeamHost™ cloud platform for building SaaS applications without programming; TeamLeader™, a project management 2.0 software for tracking and reporting on virtual teams in real-time;, a Health IT cloud platform; and Cloudipedia, a website that brings cloud computing information to entrepreneurs. Since 1995, Virtual Global’s technologies have served commercial and federal customers worldwide with enterprise-class IT needs.

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