Why is cloud computing so hard to understand?

If the term “cloud computing” sounds confusing, then you’re not alone. Cloud computing sounds like a very fuzzy term, and like a literal cloud in the sky, you can’t really put your finger on it. It may help to understand WHY cloud computing is so hard to understand:

· First, cloud computing is an extremely broad term. It’s as broad as saying “desktop computing” (i.e. the PC), which encompasses everything from the microchip to the Windows operating system to the software. As we will learn in this eBook, cloud computing encompasses all the same elements as the desktop.

· Second, you can’t touch the cloud. Desktop computing is easy to understand because you can see, touch and feel your PC. The cloud is real, but it is abstracted to the point where you cannot see it, so it’s harder to imagine.

· And third, the term is tainted by the “me too” marketing buzz. The term “cloud computing”, for a variety of very good reasons, has become very popular, and there are plenty of new and established IT companies that want to jump on the bandwagon, often incorrectly labeling anything to do with remote computing as the “cloud”.

Nevertheless, the term cloud computing may be difficult to grasp at first, but it is very real.  Download Cloud Computing Made Easy to learn more.